Foot Reading

by Colleen Ballenden

The reading will be sent to you via WhatsApp texting.
We can then schedule a time if you would like to discuss it further, via call or voice notes.

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Why would you consider a Foot Reading?

You may feel "trapped" and not know what to do next, especially with the present changes in our world. You may be experiencing a challenge in life or be at crossroads. You may also feel really well and just have the question, ‘where to next?’Your feet show your talents and strengths. The reading is uplifting. You see how you are using your talent and how you have overcome difficulties and changed them into opportunities. Challenging emotions are reflected on the feet long before they manifest in the body as an illness. When we learn to recognize these emotions, we have the opportunity of making new decisions so that we remain healthy and happy.The right foot is the past and the left has impressions of the present.The reading is supportive, encouraging and affirming.

What is Foot Reading?

Foot reading is analyzing and studying the characteristics of the feet: shape, colour, size, texture, temperature and agility. This provides insight for personal growth and development.

Based on:

The teachings of Chris Stormer (Language of the Feet).Qualifications:
Reflexology certificate from Chris Stormer in 1993 .
Language of feet course in 1995 and again in 2010.
25 years experience of reading people's feet in my practice.


From Dale Fox (BA Psych, RN, RM, OTT, CST, CMI)(

"I would like to say a few words about Colleen Ballenden. As a person, she is close to Angelic. As a practitioner, she is extraordinary. As a practitioner who “reads feet” – well, she seems to be able to see right into the Soul via the soles. I have had several readings with her – especially when I feel stuck, proverbially not knowing which foot to put forward. Her wisdom and guidance is always extremely helpful, and the best part is, that even though we are on opposite sides of the country, simply taking photographs and skyping, means that it feels as though you are right there with her. I have only praise for her work. Regards, DALE FOX"

How to get started:

1) WhatsApp me 2 photos: one of the soles of both feet,

and one of a close up of the toes of both feet.

2) I will then provide you with my banking details.
3) Once I have received the payment, I will let you know when I will be reading your feet.
You can then look at it whenever it is convenient to you.


R550 for the session.

Contact me on:

WhatsApp +27 72 277 4809You can pay with an EFT.
Banking details will be sent via WhatsApp.

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